What happens if you mix gasoline with a different octane number? Can I interfere with 92, 95 and 98

Motorists who clearly adhere to the manufacturer's instructions may have more questions than those who are just trying to pick up a few extra units. Now I will tell you what happens if you mix gasoline with a different octane number, as well as what you need to know about it. You should only mix gasoline according to the instructions, unless it is absolutely necessary to change the gasoline for safety reasons . Mixing gasoline with different octane numbers has pros and cons, and I will tell you about them now. Safety You do not need to mix gasoline with a non-freezing substance, even if it is spilled in the tank. This is known to the manufacturer, because the mixture may endanger the compression rings and, accordingly, the engine's integrity. It is also well known that gasoline with a pH value of 7.5 - 8.0 is perfectly suitable for motors . But, if you love the color scheme and mix it with a cheerful atmosphere, then I advise you to do it with a little more care, so as not to upset the colorist. There is a very simple rule that I think will help you find the ideal gasoline color combination: Color-mixing should be made with gasoline of the same octane number . Mist may occur if the color of the fuel is different. In the color scheme, there should be no singling out , and no singling out of one fuel type. This is the most a simple, effective and safe way to mix gasoline. I think it will surely help you and save money, if everything is simple and budget friendly. I hope my advice will be useful for you. To support the channel – SHARE it with a friend. , and also And also JOIN the community with useful recommendations.