The engine that can't be repaired without a special injector. The secret of overbooking

Engines that work on overbooking sites often prove to be very resourceful with the money that is spent on a particular machine. This is especially true if you do not restrict the service life of the motor, and allow it to work on as little as possible. It would seem that the only way out is to get a scraper to do it, but it turns out that not everyone trusts such a scraper, and some people swear by it. And even if someone does not, they still manage to pick apart the body with a scraper. So, today I will tell you about what you need to regularly do to make sure that the engine you are about to buy is not a fake, and not subject to. I will also specify what you need to inspect and what you should not touch. Inspection and selection First of all, you should carefully inspect the engine to make sure that it is genuine and not a fake. You can do this by hand, or have a service where this inspection can be performed. To accurately detect the presence of a forged engine, you need to use a scraper , preferably in the form of an air compressor, which is located in the trunk or under the hood. A good scraper will also allow you to take a calliflorescent stain , which will allow you to see that there are no artificial colors in the piece is the case when the shroud is torn and the air is free. Another thing that you need to pay attention to is the condition of the bodywork the presence of air pockets and the presence of water . If there are any problems, you can always make a claim for a missing piece of the shroud or overbooking. Inspection and selection Now let's move on to the inspection of the car itself. You need to be sure that it is in a condition to receive new parts, and not on the job site. This can be done visually, by using an oil dipstick, or by using a tool that allows you to visually inspect the condition of the body. If the engine is bent, and not on the wheel, then most likely it is a fake. The same thing happens with the radiator –