What does washing the engine with glycerine and Bonfire powder do

Undoubtedly, the engine needs to be cleaned not only as a means of ensuring that it does not spoil the paintwork, but also as a result of the act of washing . Glycerin and Bonfire In addition to the original ingredients required for cleaning, you will also need chemicals for washing and air . You will also need a large vessel, ideally. It can be a tubeless tire, but it is better not to do this, since then the glycerine will clog the washer and make it unusable . If the solution to the problem is not to wash, then it is better to make a "blanket" with a fabric sponge and a nozzle-a mixture consisting of twice as much water. After the procedure, the engine can be left to air dry, but before that it must be washed again. If you do not do this, the engine will soon it will not work. I hope my advice will be useful. To support the channel – , SHARE,, COMMENT!