What happens if you pour oil for a 2-stroke engine into the car's tank

Experienced motorists will probably have heard about this reception, because all two-stroke internal combustion engines are added grease, but none of the manufacturers advises you to do this in the car engine. Today I will tell you about what happens, and whether it is dangerous to pour oil into the gas tank of a modern car. Actually, nothing special will happen, if you do not start the engine when the nozzle is left cold . Starting the engine at idle to warm up the oil does not affect the integrity of the oil, it is sufficiently heated during operation. And if the oil is heated to 300-350 degrees already, then the additional flow will not affect the first one. But what if you start the engine too soon? If you do not start the engine until it is completely warmed up (up to 80 degrees), then there is a risk of spilling lubricant all over the engine and into the oil tank. It is better to wait until the engine is warmed up to a temperature of 100-120 degrees and then pump out the liquid. If you start the engine too soon, the tank may contain sand, which is extremely it will go into the oil, well, and even more so than during its operation. Sand is easily washed out and does not settle on the engine. water with the help of a good, soft drink, or at least a cloth soaked in distilled water . As a conclusion, I will say that even if you do not start the engine until the oil is heated to at least 60 degrees, it is still better to wait until the temperature is up to 90 degrees. This will allow you to pump out the settled oil to the required temperature, and it will not get into the engine. If you liked the advice or have been using it yourself for a long time, then SHARE it with your friends in the social network! to regularly read useful tips on how to drive.